• Match Expansion Pack - Family Edition
    Expansion Cards for Match
    NZ$ 8.90
  • Match Expansion Pack - Student Edition
    More Challenge cards for Tantrix Match
    (Does not include Tantrix Match)
    NZ$ 8.90
    Includes THE QUEST - the latest and most difficult Tantrix puzzle yet. 40 puzzles, including lots o...
    NZ$ 30.00
  • Tantrix Discovery
    The best way to get started with Tantrix.
    10 Addictive Puzzles.
    NZ$ 17.90 each
  • Tantrix Game Pack

    Tantrix has become world renown as an elegant and addictive strategy game for 2-4...
    NZ$ 49.00 each
    Out Of Stock
  • Tantrix Gobble
    A fast paced game for older children and adults.
    NZ$ 44.90 each
  • Tantrix Match
    A real mind bender. Match has over 34 million possible combinations.

    The main edition contains a ...
    NZ$ 39.90 each
    Out Of Stock
  • Tantrix Pocket
    Great for travellers and tourists. Smaller and light weight version of Tantrix Game Pack.
    NZ$ 37.90 each
  • Tantrix Xtreme
    A far more difficult version of Tantrix Discovery.
    NZ$ 16.90 each

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