Thinker Series

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Thinker Series

  • 4D Noughts & Crosses
    A multi level game for 2 players.

    Make a line of 4 in any direction before your opponent, or play whoever gets the most lines wins.

    Made in New Zealand, using native timbers.
    NZ$ 38.95 each
  • Pyramid
    Skill Level: Medium

    Arranging the balls to make a pyramid looks easy, but it's not.

    Hand made in New Zealand
    NZ$ 49.95 each
    Out Of Stock
  • Somacube
    Skill Level: Medium

    Over 200 ways to create a cube and other shapes.

    Hand made from native New Zealand timbers
    NZ$ 29.95 each
  • Tower of Hanoi
    Skill Level: Medium

    Transfer the disks from one pole to another, one at a time, never putting a large on a small one.
    This takes patience and logic.

    Hand made in New Zealand from Native Timber
    NZ$ 34.95 each
    Out of Stock